IT'S COLD! We've got the stuff to keep you warm

Feb 17th 2019

Winters in Virginia can be a toss up. Sometimes we get lucky and the mild southern air flow keeps us from ever feeling too cold. Then there are years like what we are having now, where every week hear about the next sub zero arctic chill headed our way.

Riding in winter is not for the weak! Riders have to be tough and resilient to brave these frigid temperatures that are covering the east coast we are all in the thick of it this year. And it is only January, we still have two months of winter left! Having the right gear to put on certainly makes it all a little more bearable. If you are shivering and dreading your daily trip to the barn or your weekly lesson, come on into the Saddlery and check out our selection of cozy winter riding tights and insulated gloves.